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 We are happy to build to any level of completion.  Here we give the details of our shells and sailaway boats.  They may vary in detail from others on the market.

We have given the details below for easy comparison. This is also the basis for our finished boats.

The shells outlined below are all with an aft cabin. Shell builds includes the following: 


  •  Cutting of apertures for windows, ventilation and chimney flue etc as required
  •  Bollards 
  •  Handrails (32mm OD mild steel tube)
  •  Engine beds
  •  Weed hatch
  •  Roof hatch aperture and frame
  •  2-pac primer throughout
  •  Minimum of 6 suitable anodes 
  •  Fin rudder
  •  Gas lockers
  •  Stern tube
  •  Rubbing bands. All in 50 x 12.5mm D section.  
  •  One upper hull rubbing band,
  •  Two additional front flashings 
  •  A lower hull side chine edge capping. 


On the Mary Sophia and the Thomas we provide one central continual rubbing band with backing plate. This improves the aesthetic quality of the boat and is more practical on the larger boats.


  • Capping to all cabin and wheelhouse top edges
  • Integral tanks, as supplied
  • Lloyd’s grade A steel is used for the hull and superstructure.


Our assembly of this kit includes a few notable details as standard. We believe this makes it a more superior boat.  It also reduces hidden costs.


-Part Builds-     -Sailaways-     -Complete Boats-     -Premium Builds-